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This short paper tells you how to update your software and apply patches.

Why Update?

Updating allows you to have the latest software releases and checklist revisions.  MapMate is continually evolving in response to user feedback, testing and new requirements of users.  Early on in development, we realised that there is no single, simple solution to everyone's recording needs!  Checklists are continually revised for name changes and new discoveries - we provide continuous updates to keep you fully in the picture.

How do I update my Software?

If you have MapMate Version 2 or later you can update from the Replicator with the built in 'Smart Software Update'.  This will connect to the Internet and look for any new software releases and download and install them automatically for you.

All you need is a current licence and an Internet connection.  If your licence has expired then it is easy to get a 1-Year licence extension - just click here for details.  To check your licence your can logon to your UserZone account if Registered.

To update your software:

The Replicator will go on-line and download all new software releases.  If you have a dial-up Internet connection you will be asked to confirm that you wish to make the connection - click 'Connect'.

When finished, Replicator will say so and may ask you to re-start MapMate.

A Note on Firewalls - If you have an Internet Firewall you will need to tell it that it is OK for the Replicator (also called 'RepMan' or RMxyz where xyz is a version number) to access the Internet.  Generally, your Firewall will request that you 'Unblock' or 'Permit' when the program is first used with any internet enabled functionality (Smart Update, Get or Send Sync Files).  If you have the option to 'always allow this' then you should tick that option.  You should only allow trusted software to access the internet directly from your PC and we strongly recommend you use a firewall to protect your computer and its data.

What is Updated by a Smart Software Update?

The Smart Update installs new 'program files' - these comprise the MapMate software that runs on your computer.

Many resources, including checklists and some optional features are provided by the 'patching system' and not by Smart Update.  More about 'Patches' later in this paper.  In future we plan to include all the non-optional patches in Smart Update.

Info! The update typically installs new versions of MapMate.exe (the main MapMate program), RepMan.exe (the Replicator) plus MapMate.hlp (Help System).  The new .exe program versions are called MMxyz.exe and RMxyz.exe where xyz is the version number.  Your original program files are always retained (in case anything goes wrong) and the old version starts the newest version if it's happy this will work OK.  To confirm the update installation is good look in Help > About and check the version number here.

Advice on Upgrading from older versions of MapMate

If you are on a MapMate Version prior to 2 then you are advised to get an Update CD and run that rather than trying to play 'catch up'.  That goes for any user that has updated using Smart Update or Web-site Downloads from early on in the project.

Our advice is: If your original MapMate version was prior to 2.0.0 and you have not run a version 2 Update CD ever you should do this at least once.  The Update CD and Version 2 CD's have a number of resources that were not released from the web - like the new map boundary lines - as these required you to agree to new licence terms.

The Update CD is fully automatic and very easy to run.  Just pop the CD in your drive, wait for it to auto-start and then click on 'Update'.  This installs the checklist, map boundary library and all software and resources at that CD version.

For more info on getting an update CD click here

How do I find my current software version? - just open MapMate and choose Help > 'About Mate'.  Your current software version is shown there.

All about Patches

Patches provide changes and additions to resources on your MapMate.  These can include checklist revisions, recording term lists and even new recording systems.  Again the Replicator handles these for you.

To run any patch:

  1. Click the numbered patch button or link

  2. Choose to 'Open' the file

  3. Replicator will start and you will be asked if you want to replicate the file now - answer 'Yes'

  4. When the Replicator opens click on the 'Synchronise' button

  5. If running a number of patches: click the 'Done' button when each is finished and then repeat from 1 above.

Tips:  If you have a number of patches to run, or the patch is a single big file, you can choose to replicate later.  If you choose to 'replicate later' then the file is downloaded to your PC - next time you open the Replicator it will be ready to process the file.  You can also go off-line before clicking on Synchronise so you don't keep your internet connection open longer than necessary.  You can also click the 'Refresh' button in your browser between patches (if you stay online) and each patch will show as 'Verified' if installation is confirmed. 

Info! Patches use the same system as 'sync' files for describing data and always have a .sqz extension.  The web site patches are all numbered in sequence and are typically named "220spawn.sqz" - the 220 being the patch number and spawn.sqz indicates this is a MapMate sync file.  When you encounter any .sqz file your computer knows that it should give this file to the Replicator for processing.

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Issued: 30 Aug 2003 - Revised 25 Sep 2003 - Revised 01 Nov 2004 (for Version 2.1.1 and XP/IE SP2)


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